FONUS Funeral Care

In 2001, NATCCO started to seriously look into the funeral social enterprises. This was in response to the growing clamor among primary cooperative affiliates for NATCCO to study the possibilities of making funeral services available to their coop members at affordable rates.

This is the concept and the vision behind FONUS, a coop-owned and coop-managed funeral event planning and management enterprise.

Our Vision
For coops to provide funeral care that is affordable, dignified, and dynamically responsive to the current and emerging needs of Filipino families.

Our Goal
To establish strong, successful, sustainable and competitive funeral cooperatives throughout the country that will operate using one business concept, under one name, one brand and guided by one business operating system.

COOPS are community champions
Coops have a strong social responsibility to their members and to the community.  They provide services and empower people, especially the disadvantaged, to help themselves.  For many members, coops are already a way of life.  They believe that their coop will be there for them - from womb to tomb, from birth to death.  FONUS funeral enterprise completes the coop service loop!

Funeral Care is a natural business for COOPS

As community-based organizations, coops have strong local presence where decent, professional, affordable funeral service is lacking.  They also have a captured market - there is a clear need for funeral services given that coop members have an average age of 40 and an average family size of three to four.  Furthermore, most coops already offer mortuary aid or memorial insurance to their members, which links naturally with funeral care.

Most importantly, the unique dimension of Philippine coop culture, where members feel they are part of one big family, will enable coops to go beyond the delivery of funeral care. "Professional service with a heart" could be the special niche that coops, by virtue of who they are and what they stand for, can carve for themselves in the funeral services industry.

How can your COOP get started?
NATCCO has developed the business standards of FONUS and we have the expertise to help your coop set up the funeral care services.

We offer you:

  •  Standards and procedures that are market responsive and have been benchmarked with the best practices in the industry.
  •  Business techniques and systems.
  •  Specialized personnel recruitment and training program.
  •  Ready-made structural plans and advertising signs that can be easily customized.
  • Operations, marketing and promotions manual that coop partners can use and adopt.

Maximize the advantages of being part of the NATCCO network.  Expand the services of your coop!

After the initial formation stage of setting up FONUS funeral cooperatives throughout the country, the goal is to move towards a consolidation stage, that is to establish an integration chain of strong and sustainable funeral cooperatives.

As part of the integrated chain, coops will be able to take full advantage of economies of scale.  Being part of the network will give your coop the opportunity to solve common problems together and learn from the experiences of their peers - what worked and what did not work, what innovations were made and what improvements and developments to undertake.

Interested in availing our products/services?

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Other products and services

Mutual Benefit Association

NATCCO MBAI was established in 2009 to enable co-ops to provide financial support to its members and their dependents in the form of death and sickness benefits, provident savings, and loan redemption assistance.   It was also established to specifically support the micro-insurance needs of the NATCCO Network affiliated cooperatives.   NATCCO MBAI offers two insurance products, the Damayan Family Plan, a Basic Life Insurance Product that insures the Principal Member and his/her four dependents; and the Co-op Loan Guarantee Plan, a Credit Life Insurance that pays off the Principal member’s loan if there is untimely death. The Co-op Loan Guarantee Plan is an integral part of NATCCO’s thrust to boost the capacity of cooperatives to serve their members, as well as prevent co-operatives’ insolvency.  It has been found that the death of a borrower leaves loans unpaid, causing financial strain on many primary cooperatives.  With MBAI’s loan protection program, the borrowers’ outstanding balance is paid to the primary by MBAI, and the remainder is given to the deceased borrowers’ family. NATCCO MBAI continues to support the cooperative partners and their members with the “zero denial” and shortened contestability period to only six months.  It constantly enhances its operations by updating and creating new policies that will drive the association’s mission to provide family protection and co-ops’ security. 2018 data: 1. Damayan Family Plan policies issued - 31,176 2. Total Coop Loan amount insured – PhP 2,124,044,554 3. Claims processed for Damayan Family Plan - 240, with total benefit amount of PhP 8,804,040 4. Claims processed for Coop Loan Guarantee Plan - 136, with total benefit amount PhP 4,579,789 5. Total claims amount released to beneficiaries – PhP 13,380,829

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CoopMart is a tailor-made business concept for your coop. It is THE General Provisions Store for “no frills” basic daily needs and locally-produced items.  It is the Retailer King in the community.  It aims to be known as the new town plaza, the gathering place for members. The Vision We shall grow this business across the network.  We will create “A unified retail business among consumer coops operating as one integrated chain for efficiency, better prices and better services for members.  Our mission is to grow the integrated chain of Coop Mart in strategic locations that provide quality products and services at reasonable prices and operate within the cooperative’s value system, following uniform concepts and standard operating procedures in order to attract new members and encourage patronage of existing members. The Strategy Through Coop Mart, we offer an enterprise concept that will unify the fragmented businesses of the consumers’ coops into one integrated chain with joint purchasing and own local production for better quality goods and better prices.  We will provide your coop regular training and competence development towards efficiency, profitability and satisfaction of members’ needs and wants. The Business Standards CoopMart offers proven store lay-out, standard ratios in terms of profitability, capital structure and cost structure.  Coop Mart has an Operations Manual, a Marketing Manual and a Training Manual which will serve as the management’s day-to-day guide / bible.  You will also be provided the standard software that automatically generate the financial reports  and the retail metric for analysis and decision-making.  It targets an ROI of not less than 20% and therefore bigger patronage of members. Coop Mart provides: Assistance in Site Selection Design, Construction, and Technical Support Operations Standards, Systems and Support Manual for Operations, Marketing and Training Marketing and Advertising Services Retail Software – EkoopMart Software Upgrade Training and Exposure to International Coop Mart Chains Coop Financial Investment The financial requirement for a Coop Mart ranges from P3M to P12M depending on store size, location, and other factors (excluding site acquisition costs). The Licensing Fee is P350,000 – P500,000 depending on site area/location. The cost of the software is P250,000.  This has six modules: POS, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Payroll. How your Consumers Coop can be part of the Coop Mart Chain: Submit a Board Resolution of Intent to Mr. Cresente C. Paez or Ms. Cecilia de la Cruz of NATCCO/NEDC and fax it to (02)913-7016 or (02)912-5962.  You may also e-mail your board resolution or or mail to NATCCO Enterprise Development Center, NATCCO Bldg., 227 J. P. Rizal St., Project 4, Quezon City. NATCCO will then send a representative to discussing the Licensing Details. NATCCO will inspect your proposed location. If location is approved, coop will have to sign the Licensing Agreement and pay the initial downpayment of P100,000 for the initial mobilization on the project. Two months after opening, coop will have to pay the balance on the Licensing Fee. Since its inception, there have been a number of cooperatives that have availed of the Coop Mart system. Sta. Ana Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SAMULCO) of Davao City opened a new Coop Mart Branch in Puan, Davao in July 2008. SAMULCO also partnered with NATCCO for the enhancement of the Ekoopmart System to facilitate interbranch connectivity of stores as well as the warehousing system of the cooperative. Some co-ops have reported great success in their earnings after adopting Coop Mart. For instance, the Abra Diocesan Teachers and Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ADTEMPCO) of Bangued, Abra reported that their Coop Mart is now earning more than Php 130,000.00 sales per month from a monthly sale of Php 30,000.00 to P 60,000.00. We also recently opened a new branch in Maasin, Leyte. Because of similar success stories there are five other cooperatives whose Coop Mart projects are under way and seeing great improvements. These are Integrated Coop Towards Unified Services (ICTUS), Suralla, South Cotabato; St. Jude Multi-purpose Coop (Lucena City); Cordova Multi-Purpose Coop (Cordova, Cebu); Nabunturan Integrated Cooperative (Compostela Valley); and Notre Dame of Jolo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Jolo, Sulu).

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