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Toward Integration: Regional Coordinating Teams Convened

Posted February 26, 2024


More than 100 co-op leaders all over the Philippines convened online on February 24 for the inaugural NATCCO Regional Coordinating Team meeting to elect their officers who would bring regional issues to the Board of Directors of the National Confederation of Cooperatives.

This is a major move of the NATCCO Network in the area of Governance in an “integrated network” that NATCCO envisions.

NATCCO Chief Operating Oficer, Daisybelle Cabal, presented the mandate, responsibilities, and functions of the RCT.  

RCT’s will be scheduled to meet at least six times a year.

This was followed by a small discussion on the challenges experienced by co-ops in their regions, and exploring potential solutions.

Lasalette Gumban, who leads the NATCCO Climate Action team, presented the “Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Situationer,” sharing updates on the current DRRM landscape in our country

NATCCO Chief Executive Officer Sylvia Paraguya then presented the Golden Strategic Plan of NATCCO for 2023-27 – highlighting the importance of digitalization in raising the standards of cooperatives.

She also gave a profile of the membership of NATCCO.

Finally, the delegates elected their officers.

The formation of these RCT in every region will “foster cohesive engagement and effective governance within our network, bringing the experiences and challenges of the primary cooperatives in the regional level to the NATCCO Board at the national level.

Each RCT is chaired preferably by an incumbent member of the NATCCO Board, or a leader from a NATCCO member that uses or patronizes NATCCO products extensively.

The NATCCO board, on the other hand, is composed of island-wide co-op leaders who are elected at the annual General Assembly of NATCCO.

NATCCO comprises 957 co-operatives nationwide scattered over 17 Regions. 


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