GSAC moves down, grows bigger!

GUBAT, SORSOGON – Business gurus says that an enterprise’s location is very important.  And that is exactly what the NATCCO Consultancy Group told the leadership of Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative.

The Consultancy Group led by Developpement International Desjardin (DID) Consultant, Jean Caron, visited the co-op in 2012 and found that GSAC’s main office was located on the 2nd floor of a building in the intersection of Luna and Quezon streets, a relatively busy area of the town.

The Consultants advised them to move – vertically or one floor lower. The GSAC leaders complied. 

And the benefits were tremendous as seventeen new members came in and a total of 276 new savings accounts plus an increase in savings resulted.

Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative leadership believes that change is the key for progress and survival. To give more convenience and better serve their members, they recently transferred to a new office and made every detail a symbol of excellence.

The new office opened last March 18th with a blast of activities to promote GSAC. To inform the public and at the same time show gratitude for their fruitful years, they had a motorcade, blessing of the new office, ribbon-cutting and free food for the guests and participants.

A new queuing system was added to increase efficiency of over-the-counter transactions (i.e.: Payments, deposits, withdrawals, loan applications). The office is much bigger and an ambience of a professional service filled the space. 

Added to these, they also had a promotion wherein new members who open savings accounts or current members who increase their existing savings on the opening day got tickets for raffle draw.

The GSAC leadership believes that great things will happen in the future if they adhere to their set goals and standards. 

As a partner for co-op development, NATCCO is always supportive to creating changes that will help grow financial institutions. In fact, "change" is the reason why NATCCO operates.