NATCCO has always been committed to increase young people’s participation in co-ops, whether as member-patrons, users, savers, and, especially, as active participants in co-op governance. We will always continue our advocacy of youth mainstreaming in the co-ops. We have an active role in the Aflatoun Child Savings International as one of the high-growth countries in Asia.  In developing young minds to be socially-aware and financially literate, we maintain strong partnership with the Department of Education for the integration of the Aflatoun program in the curriculum.  We also want to maintain and increase our participation in influencing public policy issues related to youth and coops.

For the movement’s sustainability and relevance, we should start to help inculcate in the youth the principles, values, and learning that will guide them in becoming responsible young citizens of our country, and future active members and leaders of our co-ops.

NATCCO Network’s Search for the Outstanding Cooperative Young Leader 2014

For 2013, the NATCCO Youth Network is launching the 2014 Cooperative Young Leaders Award.  The search aims to raise awareness on the important role of young cooperators as potent social and economic force that could affect positive change in the co-ops, schools, and community.  

If you know a young change-maker in your co-op who has demonstrated excellence in cooperative leadership and management that made them an inspirational role model for other young co-operative members, employees or co-operators, you can nominate them to be the first ever Cooperative Young Leader Awardee for 2014. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominees must be a member and youth leader of a cooperative who has an existing Youth program (Aflatoun, Aflateen, Youth planet, or Laboratory Cooperative).
  • Nominees must be 15 – 35 years old.
  • Has contributed to the development and growth of the cooperative through his/her efforts in the youth program at the local or national level.
  • Through her/his efforts, the youth program of the cooperative has achieved considerable success and has established a solid sustainability mechanism.
  • Evidence of creative approaches to raising awareness of the cooperative values and principles (could be through social media or various other forms of communications);
  • Has demonstrated strong leadership skills and values matched with a mindset of creativity and innovation
  • Has served and volunteered with the coop for at least one year.  
  • Has shown availability and commitment to promote cooperativism to the youth, parents, teachers, and community members throughout the year of the recipient's appointment.


  • Nominations will start on July 2013 and will close on January 2014.
  • Nominations should be through the cooperative.  Individuals cannot nominate themselves
  • Nomination Form should be completed, along with an essay in not more than 500 words.  Nomination form will be available first week of July 2013.
  • All nominations must include two references who may be contacted to confirm the information provided is correct.


The winner will be awarded in the 2014 NATCCO Annual General Assembly and Leaders’ Congress.  Winner will be notified a month before the awarding. 

NATCCO Youth Logo Making Contest


The NATCCO Youth a network of young cooperators all over the Philippines that aims to unite and strengthen the bond of all the youth coop member, molding them to be the future cooperative leaders, to make them continuously embrace the art of saving regularly and at the same time develop and improve their expertise, talents and skills to become the agent of change for our country.

A Logo Making Contest will be held purposely to :

  1. Establish an official NATCCO YOUTH Logo Design.
  2. To be an avenue for all the youth coop members in the Philippines to expose their talent and passion for arts.

Qualified Participants

  • All youth members of any cooperative affiliated with NATCCO.

Target Number of Entries

  • Maximum of 5 entries per cooperative

 Period of Filing of Entries

  • Date:   June-September 2013

Guidelines and Mechanics

  • The contest is open to all youth cooperative affiliated to the NATCCO Network all over the Philippines.
  • A maximum of five entries will be allowed per cooperative.
  • Pastel should be used as a medium
  • There are no restrictions in the number of colors used.
  • Artwork design should meet the theme.

NATCCO Youth: Resilient and Ready for the Future

  • The design of the logo must be certified ORIGINAL. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities, likeness or comparison of the design, the participant will be responsible to prove its authenticity.
  • NATCCO Youth obtains exclusive ownership, copyright, and control over the use of the original winning artwork in all forms and formats. NATCCO Youth has the right to use the design in exhibits/displays and for the publication of any of its information materials such as brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.
  • The winning entry will receive a cash prize. However, the 50% of the winning cash will be deposited to participants account as an additional savings.


For starters, the word "aflatoun" is of Arabic origin and refers to "the explorer," a person who thinks, explores, investigates, and acts.  It also refers to Plato, known for his ideas and ethics, citizenship, social justice, respect, conservation, friendship, and love for fellowmen (!).

NATCCO is implementing the Aflatoun concept in the Philippines in partnership with Aflatoun Child Social and Financial Education Organization, formerly Child Savings International based in Amsterdam.  The Program is being implemented in selected schools in the Philippines in partnership with local cooperatives, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), and the Department of Education (DepEd). Readmore

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