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The NATCCO Network began as the National Training Center for Cooperatives in 1977 to standardize the training of co-op leaders, managers and staff so that co-ops can serve their members better.
This is consistent with the Mission of the NATCCO Network, uplifting the lives of the people by building a sustainable network of cooperative thru inclusive quality services. 
40 years later, NATCCO Network still passionately offers excellent training in every aspect of co-op operations.  The goal remains for co-ops to be the champions in their communities.
The NATCCO Education Training Group conducted 186 training events in 2017, for 305 working days.  These training events cover virtually every aspect of co-op operations – from credit investigation to bookkeeping, from cashiering to financial risk management, from marketing to strategic planning. This includes the modules provided in the professionalization program provided to cooperatives in different regions in the country in aid to put in place manuals in their operation.  Compliance courses as required by CDA totaled to 123 activities.  Big events were also conducted for the year to respond to needs of different groups like Election Committee Congress, Mediation & Conciliation and Ethics Committee Congress, Accountants’ Forum , Audit Committee Forum and Managers & Leaders Congress.
In coordination with the IT unit, 2 batches on Training for eKoopBanker users was held for more effective utilization of the system.
6,182 6421 leaders, managers and staff from 1,279 co-ops participated in the seminars.  
e-Learning.  Harnessing the power of the internet, the NATCCO Network also offers e-Learning, featuring modules cooperators can take anytime, anywhere, for as long as they have internet connection.
2017 e-Learning graduates numbered ninety-one (91).  Courses include Fundamentals of Cooperatives, Co-op Management and Governance, Rules Formulation, Financial Management, and Leadership and Values Re-orientation.  It is hoped that with the spread of internet services all over the country, e-Learning courses will reach more cooperators in rural areas.
Upcoming e-Learning modules are on Risk Management and Credit Management.  These are obviously very important courses as they are on the core business of credit and multi-purpose cooperatives, and are in fact, compliance courses.  Financial Literacy for Cooperative members will also be one of the e-Learning courses to be offered as we firmly believe this will help in one of the SDGs poverty alleviation in the country.

NATCCO-MASS-SPEC Consultancy Team

Our team is composed of consultants from the two largest federations in the Philippines; the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) and MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center, together with our international partner from Development International Desjardins (DID) in Canada.

The consultancy group held a team meeting on March 12-15, 2012 to discuss extensively, share openly and learn intensively from our experiences how to level up and make our cooperatives all over the Philippines and other neighboring countries become globally competitive.Readmore

Access Branding

NATCCO, together with the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), aims to develop primary coops into world-class institutions by making them the best in microfinance services in their communities.

So our Training and Consultancy Department, offers ACCESS which stands for “A1 Competitive Choice for Excellence in Service and Soundness”.

ACCESS Branding will arm your cooperative with the tools needed to build the organization-wide quality assurance strategy.  The aim is the sustainability of your cooperative – or more specifically a better bottom line.

To monitor viability, the average cooperative is required by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) to submit its yearly COOP PESOS rating.  Although the COOP PESOS rating covers nine different aspects of a cooperative’s operations, the total number of indicators or ratios is only 17.

But ACCESS Branding goes further.  The ACCU developed the Balanced Scorecard architecture comprising 86 indicators on four aspects of operations – finance, learning and growth, customer-member processes and internal business processes. Readmore

NATCCO E-Learning

The National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) is pleased to invite everyone to enroll in a comprehensive     eLearning program. The Learning Management System is designed for cooperative board of directors, committees and officers. You may learn, acquire and receive vital     training specially all compliance courses without leaving your office.

Students upon completion of the requirements and passed the assessment will receive a certificate.

E-learning offers an interactive self-paced courses. These courses can be blended with your current training program or used as standalone activity. It is a learner centered approach that actively involves participants in upgrading and amplifying their knowledge and skills on cooperative issues.

Why NATCCO E-Learning?

  • It can work from any location and any time- Student can go through training sessions from anywhere, usually at anytime.
  • It’s self-paced- Programs and courses can be taken when needed. Learner can go through the smaller chunks of training that can be used and absorbed for a while before moving on.
  • It can lead to increased retention and stronger grasp of the subject because of many elements that are combined to reinforce the message, such as video,audio, quizzes and interactions.
  • Online teachers monitor and ensure that learners are personally taking the assessment test via Skype.

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For starters, the word "aflatoun" is of Arabic origin and refers to "the explorer," a person who thinks, explores, investigates, and acts.  It also refers to Plato, known for his ideas and ethics, citizenship, social justice, respect, conservation, friendship, and love for fellowmen (!).

NATCCO is implementing the Aflatoun concept in the Philippines in partnership with Aflatoun Child Social and Financial Education Organization, formerly Child Savings International based in Amsterdam.  The Program is being implemented in selected schools in the Philippines in partnership with local cooperatives, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), and the Department of Education (DepEd). Readmore

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