IT Solutions

In the fast paced, technology-driven business environment that cooperatives exist in, the pressures to become more IT (information technology) savvy in their business practices is becoming an emerging concern of the sector. For community-based organizations such as cooperatives, the developments in the field of IT presents both difficulties and opportunities. For one, the costs involved in overhauling manual systems and training staff are the basic considerations which hinder cooperatives from evolving to more IT-driven business entities. On the other hand, the benefits of increased efficiency and expanded market presence to cooperatives are the main incentives to cooperatives who have improved on their IT capability.

To assist member-cooperatives in their transition to becoming technology-driven actors in the development sector, NATCCO’s IT Group has initiated the development of ICT solutions specifically catered to cooperatives and their operations. Among these are the Ekoopbanker software for the accounting and finance needs of cooperatives; and the Ekoopmart business suit for Coop Mart establishments. The IT Group of NATCCO also conducts trainings for cooperative staff on current software applications which could boost cooperatives’ marketing initiatives. Among these are trainings on Adobe Photoshop, In Design and Joomla. Their IT specialists also develop and maintain websites for client cooperatives.

Would you like your members to have access to their cash anytime they need it?  Busy members are often constrained by time to visit the co-op and transact during regular branch banking hours. Delivering efficient financial services, however, requires co-ops to ensure other windows or channels are available for their members to perform transactions outside the regular banking hours and location.

The Pinoy Coop ATM of the NATCCO Network enables co-ops to service cash requirements of their members anytime and anywhere they need it. Co-ops can have and operate their very own ATMs to allow 24-hour convenience for the benefit of members and others in their community. And through ATM network inter-connectivity, members can also access their cash from any ATM in the country. 

Over-the-counter transactions can also be declogged through ATM services. Co-ops can issue ATM cards to their employees and members and credit to their individual ATM accounts their payroll, loan releases and/or savings withdrawal, thus limiting over-the-counter transactions to payments and easing workload of co-op tellers. Members also need not get the full amount of their loan proceeds in a single transaction – which is the traditional loan releasing procedure – but only withdraw the cash whenever they need it.  

NATCCO’s Pinoy ATM Service provides real-time, anytime, 24/7 convenience and reliability. You can be assured of our full support as our service includes ATM site and market evaluation, training for staff, installation of Ekoopbanker Plus software, immersion and training of staff, shipping and installation of the ATM, after-sales technical support, and upgrading of software.

Other IT Services

  • Voting System
  • Web Development
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Microsoft Licenses

NATCCO’s e-Voting System is very easy to use and has the following features:

> Add candidate profiles and photos for BOD and Committee elections
> Secure online registration
> With start and stop date/time command for administrator
> Real-time voter and election statistics
> Allows viewing of election results during and after elections
> Simple system requirements: server with at least 2GB RAM, 40 GB hard drive, MS SQL Server 2005 in a LAN environment

In today's electronic world, people expect every legitimate business to have a website.A professional online presence adds a tremendous amount of credibility to the co-op’s image.

We make it easy for your co-op to be found online.

> Website up and running –fast!
> Domain registration
> Link to NATCCO website
> Free 2 days web maintenance training

Kaspersky Business Space Security

This antivirus offers an umbrella of protection to workstations and file servers from all types of computer threats, and keeps information secure and fully accessible to users of network resources. It is expressly designed to meet the increasing demands of servers operating under heavy loads.

We are also reseller of Microsoft Licenses

Windows 7 Professional FPP has been designed for small and medium sized businesses as well as professionals and enthusiasts. 

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 FPP has been designed for home used and also for small and medium sized businesses.

Ekoopbanker Plus

The Ekoopbanker software is the premier accounting software of the NATCCO network which responds to the very specific accounting needs of the cooperative sector in the Philippines. In order to improve the efficiency of NATCCO member cooperatives and facilitate the automation requirements of the sector, the Ekoopbanker provides an integrated software suit which promises to deliver the most up to date accounting solutions to users.

EKoopBanker Plus Advantage

  • Hosted service/Web-based savings & credit transactional system
  • Secured data
  • High system availability
  • Reduced hardware and systems maintenance cost
  • Better operational internal controls
  • Has facility for inter-branch and inter-coop transactions
  • More convenient service options to coop members, e.g. ATMs, POS

The Value of Network ATM Services

  • Enable members to withdraw cash at more convenient times and places than during branch banking hours
  • Reduce the costs of servicing members’ cash requirements
  • Provide faster and more reliable deployment of new and/or revenue-generating services
  • Provide ability for members to transact in ATMs of banks and other ATM consortiums
  • Common infrastructure simplifies complexities of managing ATMs

IT Contact Info

Kristine L. Cazon
913.70.11-15 loc 150 or 158
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SMART: 0908-8124722
GLOBE: 0917-5274372
Ekoopbanker Customer Support:
913.70.11-15 loc 151 
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SMART: 0939-9018771
GLOBE: 0917-5274372
ATM Customer Support:
913.70.11-15 loc 155
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GLOBE: 0917-5697494
SMART: 0939-9018769