• CDA Appeals to the Billionaire Co-operatives

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  • What to do with all that Lovely Money

    Retired Major General Gilbert Llanto of ACDI Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Taguig City was invited to speak at the recent Agricultural Cooperative Conference in Quezon City.  Every co-op leader should read this, and have the same conviction.    As you very Read More
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Bansalan Celebrates Gold!

The NATCCO Network joins the members, staff, management and leadership of BCS Credit Cooperative, which celebrated on July 30 its 50th Anniversary.

Founded on July 30, 1967 as Bansalan Parochial Cooperative Credit Union and registered with the Cooperatives Administration Office under the Bureau of Commerce.

Bansalan Cooperative Society is the surviving pioneer cooperative in Bansalan that was registered on July 30, 1967 by the Cooperative Administration Office. It was organized as Bansalan Parochial Cooperative Credit Union by the town's Immaculate Conception Parish through the initiation of the Social Action Center of the Archdiocese of Davao. A few years later, the general assembly renamed the Cooperative into Bansalan Cooperative Credit Union to shed off its sectarian image and open membership to all religious sectors.

It was later renamed Bansalan Kilusang Bayan for Credit. With membership growth came demands for new services. Thus amendments of its cooperative by-laws became necessary to go into multi-purpose operations and given a new name then as Bansalan Cooperative Society.

BCS Credit Cooperative as of 2016 had Assets of Php 794 M, a 14% growth compared to end-2015.
Operations are run by internally-generated funds: Deposits in 2016 amounted to P479 Million, Loans & Receivables stood at P420 Million.  Loans Payable?  Zero!

In terms of social performance, the co-op implements Aflatoun, the NATCCO Network’s program for youth.  BCSCC also supports its members’ livelihood thru Agricultural Loans for members engaged in agriculture.

According to General Manager Socorro B. Canonigo, it was a long journey with ups and downs: “I can attest that the journey BCS went through for fifty years now was never that easy and perfect.  Along the way, the cooperative has encountered not only triumphs but myriad of ups and downs and unforgettable experiences.  

CDA Chairman Orlando R. Ravanera said: “BCS Credit Cooperative has shown the way on what a cooperative should be.  Its accomplishments are the concrete and tangible manifestations of the driving forces that are in the realm of the intangibles. The good governance exemplified by its Board of Directors, the industry and innovativeness poured in by its Management and the values of cooperation and participation of its thousands of members are the pillars of its strength in the long and arduous journey towards making life better for the people.   Innovativeness coupled with industry, good governance and cooperation from members are the values that have catapulted the cooperative to achieve an indelible mark of success!”

The good governance was noticed in 2016.  Commendation was given to BCSCC for fully complying with the standards for Allowance on Probable Loan Losses to its Loan Portfolio.  The Cooperative Development Authority gave BCSCC the Gawad Parangal “for its remarkable achievements in the fields of administrative governance, economic performance and social relevance.    
A source of pride for the 40,000 members is the new office building which is completely wired for business machine systems such as CCTV cameras for security, alarm and smoke detection systems for safety, solar panel roofing for green energy, and large windows to save on power.

In its Facebook account, the co-op’s membership was described as coming “from the less privileged sector of the local economy who have patronized the services of the Cooperative. Individually and collectively, they profess..."I believe in the Cooperative; alone I am weak but with others I am strong!"

The co-op’s robust financial status has further enabled it to provide social services to its members.  In last year’s Social audit, the co-op scored 10 of 15 in Membership, Governance, Asset Building, Members’ Benefit and Education.  
In Cooperation Among Cooperatives, BCS scored 7 of 10.

BCS Cooperative’s services have an eye for social development: Agri loans, microfinancing of SMEs, and education loans.  
BCS Cooperative engages in outreach programs where they give out food to poor recipients, tree planting in vacant areas, provides eye check-ups and dental services, bereavement financial assistance, and clean-up of campuses.

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