Gender Program

As community based organizations, cooperatives are expected to empower their members and champion values of equality and fairness. This much is true not only in cooperative affairs but more importantly in forming the orientations of their officers and members—especially in the area of gender.

NATCCO advocates the implementation of gender sensitive and gender fair policies in cooperatives. Because experience worldwide indicates that women are not only partners, but may themselves be the catalysts, of economic development.

Through the Member Relations & Networking Group (MRNG), NATCCO provides basic and intermediate gender sensitivity training to cooperatives which aim to identify manifestations and forms of gender issues among men and women in cooperatives in particular, and society in general.  These seminars also determine what contributes to the propagation of gender biases that co-op members encounter in their daily lives.

It is also the aim of the program to make the cooperative aware of its social responsibility in promoting gender fair practices and its obligation to educate its members on the values of a gender sensitized society.

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